Neighborhood Pride in Chicagoland

I moved to Chicago about three years ago, never having visited before then. I wish I had known about it sooner, because it is truly one of the great places to live. One of the unique things about Chicago is the vast number of distinct neighborhoods, all with their own character and (in most cases) charm. According to Wikipedia, Chicago has 200 neighborhoods and 77 community areas. That’s a lot! So you might be surprised to find out that local graphic designer Steve Shanabruch has started a project to create “brand” logos for each and every Chicago neighborhood. He’s calling it “One designer’s take on Chicago.” Steve says he’s currently up to about 90 neighborhoods, with no plans to stop anytime soon. You can read an interview with him here. So far, it looks like the logos are only available on T-shirts, which you can buy here.

This is a great way to show neighborhood pride, and also would make an excellent gift idea. We were talking in class yesterday about ways to motivate kids to read, and one of the recurring ideas was, essentially, swag. Lots of us remembered that when we were young, libraries would hold reading contests and the winner would get some sort of prize. Imagine if your school’s librarian had one of these t-shirts to offer the student who ________ (fill in the blank). Oh, and how did the librarian find out about these hip shirts? Why, the super-cool school psychologist, of course! Or, just buy one for yourself and wear it on Casual Friday…or to your school’s next basketball/volleyball/softball game. Either way you’ll be supporting a great local project and showing some Chi-Town pride. What’s not to love?


2 thoughts on “Neighborhood Pride in Chicagoland

  1. I am so happy you are following http://heifer12x12!! Particularly since my daughter is very interested in forensic psych and is thinking of going on to grad school next year in that field!! Best of luck and btw, I LOVE the branded neighborhoods of Chicago and I totally agree, it’s a GREAT city!!!

    • Thank you for visiting! Your blog is great, and I’m also a big fan of Heifer International. I read your story, and the funny thing is I was introduced to Heifer as a Christmas gift from my sister years ago! I’ve donated to them since, as have many members of my family. I wish your daughter the best of luck – forensic psychology is an exciting field. Tell her to feel free to contact me any time with questions; I’m glad to help!

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