Weekly Roundup

School: When polled, most parents are against starting the school year before Labor Day. Yet many U.S. schools are pushing the start date back earlier and earlier into August. School officials claim the earlier start date is necessary in order to boost student achievement, however there is little research to support this notion.

Psychology: Commonly referred to as a “woman’s disease,” binge-eating is actually almost as common in men as it is in women (11% vs. 7.5%). But with literature and online communities devoted to a near-exclusive female perspective, it can be hard for male binge eaters to find the help they need.

Scholarship: Whereas, research has shown that for most psychological diagnoses in children and adults, psychotherapy is more effective than psychopharmacological treatment. And whereas, the positive results last longer. And whereas, the need for follow-up treatment is reduced. Therefore, the American Psychological Association has issued a resolution.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup

  1. None of the arguments for earlier school start dates listed in the article make any sense. Although the school where I teach now began August 20th and the school where I taught last year began August 28th, neither has a longer school year. It just gets ends sooner. In fact, in many places the school year has become shorter because teachers have had to take furlough days. Also, in California at least, the testing window is the 85% point of the school’s own academic year, so just as the year began earlier, testing will also begin earlier. The only reason I’ve heard for the shift in school calendars is that they coincides more closely with college academic years, so that high school seniors aren’t still needing to attend high school classes when freshman orientation activities get under way. I would imagine it also gives students more time lead-time in preparing college applications if counselors and teachers are available to write recommendations a few weeks sooner.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comments. That is an interesting point about the testing start date in California, and certainly undermines the testing argument for starting school earlier. I haven’t heard the college start date argument, but it makes sense given the current emphasis on attending college.

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