Weekly Roundup

– Back to School Edition –

School: Isolation rooms used to discipline children in schools. “…[I]n today’s often overcrowded and underfunded schools, where one in eight students receive help for special learning needs, the use of physical restraints and seclusion rooms has become a common way to maintain order.”

Psychology: The psychological benefits of walking to school. “[Enabling] children to walk to school unsupervised may help boost confidence and give them a tentative first taste of personal responsibility.”

Scholarship: James R. Flynn (of Flynn Effect fame) has written a new book, titled Are We Getting Smarter?: Rising IQ in the Twenty-First Century. One reviewer writes, “The answer to the title’s question is: yes, we are indeed getting smarter, in the sense that we are keeping pace with our inventions. We are not improving on our biological destiny; rather we are making a world that is more like an IQ test.”


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