Weekly Roundup 10-21-12

School: A Los Angeles teacher who previously spoke out against standardized testing decides to use the test data to help her students, with great success. She says test data and metrics can be just as much of a tool for students as it is for teachers: “[W]hy not help our students become makers and masters of their own data, and help them use it to propel their own learning forward?”

Psychology: Using what we know about the psychology of rewards and how the brain works to better manage your email, rather than letting your email manage you.

Scholarship: A new study adds a slight twist to the classic marshmallow experiment. Whether or not the children trusted the researcher impacted how long they were willing to wait before eating the marshmallow. The researchers are calling this “beliefs about environmental reliability,” and the implication is that if a child doesn’t trust that the next marshmallow will appear, she will eat it while she can. Put another way, in some situations failing to delay gratification is the rational choice.


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