Weekly Roundup 11-11-12

School: November 12-19 is National School Psychology Awareness Week. This year’s theme is Know Your Strengths. Check the National Association of School Psychologist’s website for additional information, suggested activities, posters and more.

Psychology: What do other cultures tell us about how autism is diagnosed in the West? Behaviors that Western clinicians view as hallmark traits of autism – e.g. lack of eye contact – are sometimes just the norm in non-Western societies. Conversely, traits that are red flags in other cultures – e.g. lacking deference for one’s elders in many Asian cultures – would be considered perfectly normal in the West.

Scholarship: When it comes to temper tantrums, even 3-year-olds know when someone is faking it. Toddlers were slower to respond to an adult who got upset at nothing vs. an adult who got upset at something.


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