Weekly Roundup 11-18-12

School: A Chicago Tribune investigation into the “empty-desk epidemic” in Chicago public schools. The authors suggest that chronically failing to get children to school is a form of parental neglect, if not abuse.

Psychology: A psychologist shares her personal journey through extreme mental illness and how it helped her develop an effective treatment – dialectical behavior therapy, or D.B.T. – for clients with borderline personality disorder who are also “supersuicidal.”

Scholarship: A researcher proposes a theoretical model for those awkward social moments that make us cringe. Using a novel research situation involving strangers seated closely together – and cookies! –  Joshua Clegg explores those situations that “trigger social discomfort in all of us.” Erm…Awkward.


One thought on “Weekly Roundup 11-18-12

  1. “Chicago Public Schools got rid of truant officers in the 1990s because of budget problems.”

    Well this answers my question. When we were kids, even if you we’re legitimately sick for a long enough period, the parents could expect a knock at the door. Once again, we see an example of where austerity policies are failing the people.

    This of course, speaks to something we’ve covered on DeafInPrison.com – the School to Prison Pipeline. Although in this case, it would be more accurately – the Truancy to Prison Pipeline.

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