Weekly Roundup 12-2-12

School: In local news, a Des Plaines high school grapples with allegations of hazing and sexual assault. Lawsuits have been filed implicating both the school’s soccer and baseball coaches, as well as school officials said to have allowed the hazing. Sad news all around.

Psychology: A father in Denmark realized his son’s autism gave him unique, specific skills that distinguished him from the average worker. So he founded a company that matches adults with autism with often difficult-to-fill jobs that require tedious repetition or extreme attention to detail. Now Thorkil Sonne is expanding his business to the United States, working with software companies and in talks with Microsoft to begin a pilot program in their North Dakota offices. The lesson? When people with autism are defined less by their perceived deficits, and more by their unique skills, they become productive – and valuable – members of society.

Scholarship: The newest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) has been approved; publication is slated for May, 2013. The revision process took over a decade, with the input of over 1,500 experts. There are some interesting changes worth noting for school psychologists, which I will address in a later post.


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