Weekly Roundup 2-17-13

School: “According to the most recent annual study conducted by…the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, nearly 63% of more than 400 of America’s largest and most prestigious colleges maintain policies that seriously violate First Amendment principles.” The trouble is these codes are not challenged often enough. But a recent legal decision may change that, and it may help taxpayers avoid the cost of defending administrators who act illegally to suppress free speech.

Psychology: As a follow-up to Valentine’s Day, an article that will clear up once and for all “Two Myths and Three Facts About the Differences in Men and Women’s Brains.”

Scholarship: New research discusses Münchausen by Internet: the condition in which people fake their own medical illnesses in an online setting. “What is particularly worrying is the ease with which the deception can be carried out online, the difficulty in detection, and the damaging impact and potential danger to isolated victims.”


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