Around the Town

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 8.53.56 PM

Photo credit: Hilary Eiden

NPR played a story this morning about repairs to a bridge in downtown Chicago. It just so happens that this bridge is right outside the building where I go to school. We’ve all been navigating the construction and the closed streets and suspended train service for weeks now, and overall I think we’re holding up well. But it was really interesting finding out more about the project, a little Chicago history (always a bonus), and just exactly what it is they’re doing out there. (And, purely by coincidence, a friend happened to take the above photo this morning on the way to class).

This also reminded me that my stepmother’s sister’s husband (my step-uncle?), who lives in Chicago, is something of a city bridge hobbyist. He has a website, with lots of historical and engineering information plus great photographs of downtown Chicago’s “moveable bridges.” He also offers tours and presentations for school and non-profit groups.

Lastly, for the locals, check the CDOT website for the most up-to-date news about the city’s “bridges, viaducts, and waterways.” Apparently the Kedzie Bridge is the next big reconstruction project; it just started this past Tuesday.

NPR story about the Wells Street Bridge project on Morning Edition.
Link to Chicago Loop Bridges website.
Link to CDOT Bridges, Viaducts, and Waterways information page.


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