Weekly Roundup 4-7-13

School: My alma mater has started a pilot mentoring program in Santa Fe, NM that pairs college students one-on-one with local elementary students who need help in math and reading. Way to go, St. John’s!

Psychology: In honor of World Autism Awareness Day (April 2), the publisher Wiley has opened access to selected journal articles on the topic of autism. The free articles are arranged by topic and intended audience, making them easily accessible to everyone.

Scholarship: Can you make yourself smarter by “training your brain” with computerized games of memory and repetition? In a meta-analysis of the best research on the effects of memory training from around the world, British scientists conclude that you cannot make yourself smarter by playing “brain games.” While the games may provide a temporary uptick in performance on the specific task being trained (e.g. memorization), this do not translate to broader skills or an increase in intelligence. In other words, brain games train you to get really good at brain games.


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