Finals Week

Picture 7

With approximately two academic papers, one or more comprehensive reports, and a poster presentation due within the next two weeks, I’m posting a few feel-good links for everyone in my cohort. Hang in there, guys! We’re almost done and soon will be embarking on some amazing internship experiences. Two weeks to go…

Research humor: “Scientists receive 12.6 million dollar grant to format references correctly.”
Good doggies: “Golden Retrievers who helped comfort Newtown families head to Boston to make bomb victims smile.”
Good deeds: “Chicago Tribune Buys Pizza for Boston Globe After Last Week’s Hell Picture 9Week; Gesture of thanks for ‘tenacious coverage.'”
A Coffee Story: We couldn’t get through finals without our trusted friend and companion, coffee. Read what it takes to get that critical beverage from the other side of the world and into your “#1 School Psychologist” mug.
Escape to Paradise: When it all becomes too much, move to an island. NASP just announced there are several job and internship openings in Hawaii.


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