Weekly Roundup 6-19-14

Sorry I’m a few days late with the Roundup! Last Friday was my last day at my internship, and I had a surprising amount of work to wrap up. I’m really going to miss all of my colleagues and the students I got to work with this year; it was a great experience all around. As hard as it was to say goodbye to everybody, I am so grateful for the experience and am glad that I made genuine friends and strong professional connections that will continue past this year.

So…since I actually kind of already miss going to work every day with such a great group of people, I’m going to post all school-related links this week.

School: A professor at Dartmouth presents a strong argument for why laptops should be banned in the classroom. Citing his own experience, as well as research, he writes, “…[R]egardless of the kind or duration of the computer use, the disconnected students performed better on a post-lecture quiz. The message of the study aligns pretty well with the evidence that multitasking degrades task performance across the board.”

School: An education columnist presents a strong argument for why laptops should not be banned in the classroom. “…[C]ollege students are old enough to vote and go to war. They should be old enough to decide for themselves whether they want to pay attention in class—and to face the consequences if they do not.”

School: Two college professors have proposed a radically simple application for federal student aid for college tuition (the notoriously long – 108 questions at last count! – Fafsa form). Their idea? Two questions: “What is your family size? And what was your household income two years ago?”