Friday Links: Freud, Philosophy, Forward-Thinking, and Frozen


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Freudian Slipcovers: Photographer and psychoanalyst Mark Gerald has an ongoing project in which he photographs psychoanalysts in their offices.


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Philosophy meets graphic design: Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, a graphic designer’s project to “[distill] the essential principles of 95 schools of thought into visual metaphors and symbolic representation” has become a book. Released in March, Genis Carreras’ A Visual Dictionary of Philosophy is already sold out on Amazon.


Screen shot 2014-06-05 at 11.28.10 PMGrateful Dead drummer and percussionist Mickey Hart has been offering his brain for study for at least a couple of years now. Recently, he demonstrated a new “brain training” game using a virtual reality headset. The game is called Neuro Drummer, and is part of an effort by a variety of developers to create interactive computerized games that can be used to visualize the brain in real time and potentially lead to cognitive benefits or even medical solutions for a variety of brain-based ailments at best:

“The game produces a reaction, or change in behavior, in the brain. The Glass Brain software then records that in real time and isolates which parts of the brain are active. The game can then use that information and adapt so that it can be more effective. That can result in targeted, personalized, multimodal, and closed-loop treatment for brain patients…It riffs off the theory that music rhythms can help restore connective pathways in the brain that have degenerated in older people through aging or Alzheimer’s disease.”



Tourism to Norway is up dramatically, likely thanks to a Norwegian Tourism Board marketing campaign targeting fans of the Disney film Frozen.